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SQL Hosting

Dedicated MS SQL Server

The Advantages To Using Our Dedicated Microsoft SQL Servers and Microsoft SQL Dedicated Database Options

For many small to large sized business and corporations, using a dedicated Microsoft SQL server or dedicated MS SQL host that’s customized for your business provides an essential advantage. The combination of the dedicated MS SQL server and the database allows for specific resource allocation, keeping your website running effectively, efficiently and profitably regardless of the size and traffic. At Planethosting.com we provide Microsoft SQL dedicated server hosting for a wide range of different companies, agencies, organizations and businesses. Our SQL dedicated service is designed and maintained by our fully trained and MCSE Windows certified staff. This means our dedicated SQL database host is programmed to provide the consistent, dependable and reliable uptime that your business needs to always be online.

The Benefits of a Microsoft SQL Dedicated Database or a Dedicated SQL Server

Purchasing one of our dedicated MS SQL host server packages, either for Microsoft or for Linux based servers, allows you to have the freedom to select the Microsoft SQL dedicated server service you need for Enterprise or for eCommerce sites. Planethosting.com provides great perks with both the dedicated MS SQL service and the dedicated SQL database – there are several SQL dedicated server options under each category. You will have a free 14-day trial with our Enterprise standard, dedicated MS SQL server package as well as a dedicated MS SQL host that’s suitable for corporate resellers. The eCommerce package we offer with the MS SQL dedicated server or the Microsoft SQL dedicated database corporate reseller option come with free setup. A Microsoft SQL dedicated server or database provides the maximum in user control and with dedicated hosting options you never have to worry about what other users are doing as is so common on shared systems and packages. The use of our dedicated SQL hosts adds value to your online presence. When you use an SQL dedicated server, you will have the ability to control access, increase security and boost performance. Additionally, with our SQL server hosting you will also have top customer support, service and full web design and programming services all done by our qualified staff. A dedicated SQL database could transform the way you work! To get started with the Planethosting.com Microsoft SQL server hosting services, give us a call today. We can work with you to get just the performance and features you need to boost your online business.

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