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Dedicated Linux Server

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Should You Consider A Dedicated Linux Server?

Although Planethosting.com, Inc. has a long history of providing dedicated Window server hosting, we also specialize in dedicated Linux server hosting. In fact, our extensive experience with Windows allows us to provide optimal solutions for all of your Linux dedicated web hosting needs.

We are able to work with all Linux-based systems, but we find that our most frequent request is for CentOS dedicated hosting. Many of our customers have a need for fully customized Linux servers and we are designed to ensure your server is set up specifically to your requirements. This includes other Linux operating systems over and above CentOS.

The Linux Appeal

There are several reasons why we have expanded to handle dedicated Linux hosting services. This is a highly practical operating system to work with and it accommodates a wide range of different development tools that are more challenging to use in the Windows server environment.

A dedicated Linux server will very easily support such diverse tools as WordPress and virtually all other Web apps, making it an ideal choice for both a business as well as for an eCommerce site. With the WordPress features and functionality, even someone completing a do-it-yourself eCommerce site or business site can create a beautiful, functional and well-designed website.

Additionally, a CentOS dedicated server or any other server using a Linux-based operating system will support Dreamweaver website builder as well as the variety of other WYSIWYG website templates and software packages.

For those more advanced, the dedicated Linux server will also be easy to work with for MySQL, Python, CGI, PHP or Perl. The importance of these factors will depend on the type of site you wish to build and the different features or functionality you will want to provide with the site.

Let our team help you decide if you need a CentOS dedicated host, another Linux server hosting option or if a Windows server may be the best option for your needs. To get started and find the information to make the right choice, give us a call and let’s discuss your specific hosting requirements.

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