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Dedicated Windows Server

Planet Hosting: Specializing In Dedicated Windows Server Hosting

There is a very good reason why Planethosting.com, Inc. has specialized in Windows dedicated server hosting as well as shared hosting services. Windows has long been a popular option for hosting services largely due to the reliability, performance and the wide number of features available.

With over a decade in the industry offering dedicated Windows hosting, we have a proven track record in providing servers that are highly secure and maintained to the highest possible standards. This includes full updates as they become available as well as the immediate implementation of any patches, increasing security and decreasing the risk of zero-day attacks or hacking through known vulnerabilities in any of the Windows servers.

The Cloud Advantage

All of our infrastructure is cloud-based, which means that we have the means and the ability to complete full backups of your dedicated Windows server. In addition, with the use of cloud technology, should you require a restore, everything can be provided quickly, limiting any downtime through our website or to your data. We keep our servers extremely well maintained. We monitor utilization and constantly upgrade our systems to provide you with the quality online experience you expect. We are focused on Windows dedicated server management, with approximately 90% of our customers using a Windows server. We work with companies from small businesses with minimal requirements to large companies that require a lot of resources and the reliability of our constant uptimes and amazing speeds. Many of our current customers have been with us since we started offering our dedicated Windows hosting, which we think is a very good testimony to the services, options and pricing we offer. Just get in touch with us today, we would be happy to talk to you about your needs.

Tech Support

With our constant uptime and careful monitoring of our dedicated Windows server hosting your need to access our tech support team will be minimal. However, should you experience a problem and need assistance, you don’t have to go through the whole tech support level experience.

Instead, on your first call into our support team, you will be working with a Level 3 technician, providing the top level of support to fix the problem quickly, efficiently and without any frustration for our clients.

Contact our team today. Once you hear and experience the Planethosting.com Inc. difference, your choice for dedicated Windows hosting will be easy.

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