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All of our dedicated servers come with award-winning support, are fully managed and configured to your specs.

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Take a quick look at what we offer:

Dedicated SQL Server

About Us

Microsoft SQL is an advanced database feature available to our Dedicated Server customers.

Dedicated Windows Server


Windows Hosting is designed for the business, educational, and governmental website that has the need for advanced features and additional hosting resources.

Dedicated Linux Server

Web Email Hosting

Depend On Us

CentOS with additional IP’s is our most popular! We’ll create a server to your exact specs for constant uptime and availability.

Web Hosting

Internet Marketing

Reach Your Audience

From large corporate entities to small businesses, Planet Hosting has you covered whether you need a Windows Hosting, SQL Hosting, or Linux Hosting solution.

Welcome to Planet Hosting

Dedicated SQL server Hosting and Support


At our heart, we are a tech support company. A variety of industries manage IT infrastructures..but it’s our relentless Microsoft SQL tech support which separates us. All of our tech support staff are experts with Microsoft SQL. All of our staff members are capable of handling virtually any issues. Whether you’re looking for dedicated SQL hosting or need some other form of assistance in order to meet your goals, we can help.

Data center. Servers, Infrastructure & Management


Do the work up-front and your job is easier. Everything we have is designed with the anticipation of issues or failure, which makes it easier to sleep at night (or day, depending on your schedule). Microsoft SQL demands extremely high availability and performance, which we offer, hence our growth in this segment. We provide a dedicated SQL host service that’s suitable for a wide range of businesses.

Communication & Monitoring


All of your services are monitored by us. We manage your Microsoft SQL services and server for you. Monitoring, backups, restorations, restarts, etc., are all included. Any issue you have are our issues and will be handled by us in real-time. We are positioned to solve any particular Windows server and MS SQL server specifics away…all day, every day, and night period.

Web Services & Custom Solutions


We can provide custom programming, web design, and Internet marketing, as well as SQL dedicated hosting. And we’ve partnered with reputable firms what we’ve had direct experience for anything that we can’t do in-house.
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