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Linux Web Hosting

Quality Linux web hosting for only $10.95 a month!

Enjoy Quality Linux Web Hosting At Planethosting.com, Inc.

There are two types of hosting service companies offering Linux web hosting. There are those that are simply in the business to provide the lowest cost, cheap Linux web hosting services on the market and then there are the top companies offering full tech support and customer service.

Planethosting.com, Inc. has always been a company that values customer service and top tech support for our customers. Our technicians are hired to solve problems our customers experience, so we only have the best staff to help you through any issues you may experience when using either our Linux shared hosting or our dedicated hosting options.

Customer Service and Tech Support

With all of the shared and Linux dedicated hosting packages offered at Planethosting.com Inc., you will always receive immediate and personal assistance from a trained technician. In addition, we provide a free first year domain, an anti-spam email filter, web based emails and a variety of different custom application installation features.

The options we provide are also very different from what you will find on those cheap Linux web hosting sites. We have the ability to provide your own IP and SSL certificate, an essential consideration for user security and for ecommerce payments.

We also offer specialized services just for eCommerce sites, with our experience helping you to select the custom programming and increased resources needed with either our shared or Linux dedicated hosting service.

Of course, Planethosting.com, Inc. also offers a full array of other services that make our Linux web hosting a top choice. Our team can provide full web design services and SEO marketing programs that can add to the value of any ecommerce or business website.

Just let us know what you need and we would be happy to discuss options. With our Linux dedicated hosting or our shared hosting, we can work with you and within your budget. Just give us a call today at 800-439-1411 to find out more.

If you already know what you need, fill out the order form at the bottom of the page. Once we receive it, you will start the free trial, allowing you to experience firsthand the Planethosting.com, Inc. difference.

Plan details shown below Order Form

  • Service Plan
    • Linux operating system of your choice (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)
    • 1000mb storage space (web/database)
    • 9000mb transfer monthly
    • First year domain name registration – no charge
    • Domain aliasing, 301 redirect, IIS log files
    • Traffic reporting, web-based account manager
    • Anti-SPAM/Anti-Virus email, Web Based and POP3
    • email aliases/forwarding/auto-responders
    • Expert Linux tech support 24/7
  • Servers
    • CentOS; Red Hat; Debian; Ubuntu; etc – whatever you want, we’ll set it up for you.
    • As much space as needed – contact us for a custom quote
    • Very high performance hardware
    • Trouble-free operation, constant uptime and speed
  • Data Center
    • Power: 1200 Amp AC dedicated service, 8 hour battery
    • Generator:700kW diesel generator
    • HVAC: 50 tons
    • Security:24×7 security guard, key card access, video camera surveillance
  • Network
    • Interconnection points: Route diversity to two loop tandems and numerous end offices (Diverse paths from Telco circuits, SONET-equivalent)
    • Local Transport: 4 separate fiber connections (Multihomed Tier 1 netwo-rks, OC12 fiberoptic)
    • True 99.9 network availability

Included Services

  • Free first year domain
  • 30 day free trial
  • Aliasing, 301 redirect
  • Anti-spam email filter
  • Web based emails
  • Site backups
  • Level 1 tech support
  • incredible up-time!


  • Your own IP
  • SSL Certificate
  • MS SQL database
  • Dedicated IIS Server
  • Expanded space
  • Additional bandwidth
  • Custom programming
  • Web design
  • SEO Marketing
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